Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

It's Teacher Appreciation Week here at my school! 

Background:  Between classes, they play music in the halls.  When the music stops, it means the students have one more minute to get to class.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, the PTSA let the teachers choose the music for the week, especially songs that were popular when we were in middle school.

You can't imagine the joy I felt this morning when I heard Bye, Bye, Bye blasting through my door.  I wanted to get up and do the dance, but Rachel came in and beat me to it. :)  Now Bye, Bye, Bye actually came out when I was in high school (as did Oops, I Did It Again, which I may have also requested but haven't heard yet), but I couldn't help but request it.

'N Sync brings joy to my soul as I face the grueling month of May.

What songs come to mind when YOU think of middle/junior high school?


Adam and Brittany said...

The first song that came to my mind from when I was in Middle School is "Thong" by Sisqo, and then "Lucky" by Britney Spears. What does that say about my Middle school years--not sure.

Ashley said...

Ha ha!!! I wish that had been me running into your room and dancing with you. :( Sounds so fun!! I would have requested "Killing Me Softly" by the Fugees. Totally reminds me of my ninth grade Lagoon trip. Gotta love that song.

RL Lacey Family said...

Ahhhh, the Beach Boys--"Surfer Girl"

Lydia said...

"Steal my Sunshine" by Len, unfortunately, came to mind.

Jay said...

Haha :D I would have requested the entire No Strings Attached album from NSYNC. Also, probably Allstar by smash mouth and I'm a Survivor by Destiny's Child. Interestingly it's only recently I've come to love Britney... though Oops I did it again was one of my favs. This makes me smile a lot.

Joleen said...