Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two things I haven't done in a long time...

Blog and sew (for fun, not for work)

Last week I attended a workshop that taught how to fit patterns.  My favorite class in college was patternmaking, so this was so much fun to me!  In spite of what you may think, it can be kind of tricky and make you think, but I needed that!  I haven't been making my brain work lately...not to say I don't have things on my mind...just not the knowledge/learning part. Sometimes I miss being in school and learning.  I know I could sit down at a computer or with a how-to book and learn something new, but until I sign up for a class, I don't REALLY try to understand it.

This was my little work station all week.  I finished 5 patterns and had fun chatting with the ladies around me.  I heard everything from birthing stories (yikes) to unsolicited love advice (hilarious, but still yikes) and sagging body parts (yikes)

After I got done with this class last week (and by after, I mean on my way home), I stopped by the fabric store.  I know myself all too well and knew that if I didn't finish creating what I had worked on for 4 straight days, it would never happen.
I got home and set up my sewing station and did something I haven't done in years...I sewed something for myself.  Two days, an entire season of The Amazing Race (in 24 hours), and a neglected to-do list later...
Now, I am morally opposed to all those stupid pictures people post of themselves in a mirror, but it's the only way I could get it.  It's actually not done.  I haven't hemmed it because I still need to fix the side seams, but I have to be honest...I kind of love it.  I was worried that the pattern on the fabric would be a little too much, but I love it.

And just a side note...I leave for Thailand in 2 weeks.  Freaking out!