Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Growing it out...

I'm in the middle of a brutal battle of growing out my hair.  It's so hard!  I'm so impatient and want it to grow faster!

Someday, my hair will look like this...
 Or this...
This is, of course, after I hire a stylist to come fix it every morning.

(P.S. I didn't realize the girl in the 2nd picture is the the girl who plays Alice in the Twilight movies.  She looks so different with long hair!)

Monday, January 17, 2011


As I type, my roommates and Jared (Annie's brother) are talking about passion they have for things.

People have passion for things like music, their jobs, puzzles, sports, and hating the Yankees (that would be Joleen).

Something I've struggled with recently is the fact that I don't think I have a passion for much.

Some might think I'm passionate about my job because I spend a lot of time with it.  Not completely.  I do love my students.  Not much can make me happier than having a kid say my class is his favorite or to see a student succeed in my class when she isn't doing well in other classes.  At my conferences, I hear FACS teachers talk about how passionate they are about FACS programs.  I actually don't know that I'm completely passionate about my program.  I could probably teach anything and still feel the same way about my students.

I do love friends.  Can friendship be a passion?  I'm a pretty crappy friend, though. :)  You've all been the victim of me not visiting or calling for months/years.  But I love you.  A lot.

Other than that, I can't think of much...though Jared pointed out that I'm pretty passionate about Harry Potter.  Might be true.
Oh yes...this picture brings me joy.

Is it too late to develop passion for something?

Am I really passionate about something that I just don't see?  If so, will you tell me?

I kind of feel like a dud.
Like I have no hobbies.
Or no interests.

Realization is hitting that I'm a loser! :)

Any suggestions for me?

What are your passions?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just need to vent...

It's 5:45 pm.

The last student JUST left.

At one point between now and the time school got out, there were 32 kids in here finishing projects.

Can you tell the end of term is TOMORROW!
Procrastination stinks.
Don't do it.

I just went to the bathroom for the first time since 6:00 am.
(I bet you really wanted to know that, but the fact that I haven't had time to go in almost 12 hours is saying something...and it points out the fact that I haven't had any water today.)

You might be saying to yourself, "It's a good thing Shannon has a 3 day weekend to gain control of herself."
Then Shannon reminds you that she has a conference tomorrow night, starting right after school.  Plus it's all day Saturday.

Did I mention that tomorrow is the end of the term?

That means grades are due before I leave for my conference tomorrow.  
Plus what do I teach the new 238 students I get next week?

Who knows.

One day at a time.

Back to calculating student data that shows that I was an ineffective teacher this past semester.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I want to name my first-born son Jimmer.


Is it because Jimmer Fredette scored 47 points against Utah last night?
Is it because he's the leading scorer in the nation?
Is it because he can hit half-court shots without a problem?

Well those are all great, but I'd love to name my first-born son Jimmer so I can say, 
"You got Jimmered" 
whenever he does something awesome.

I was reading the article about the BYU vs Utah game in the paper today and saw the title Utes get Jimmered.

That's awesome.

Jimmer is awesome.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To those who like to create

 I just found a new blog to love at All Things Thrifty

For those of you who like to create and refinish on a tight budget, you might just love this. 

I now have a desire to go home and reupholster my couch that has a terrible cover over it.  Maybe it will have to wait until summer.  I wish I had a garage or yard to work on projects!  I wouldn't mind making one of these.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Isla's Blessing Dress

I know I already posted pictures from Isla's blessing, but I thought I'd finally post more pictures of the dress I made for her.

Weekend Purchase

Look what I bought at IKEA on Saturday! 
Oh, isn't it beautiful? I wish I had a before picture of the make-shift bookcase/shelf/mess I had before.
I am so happy every time I walk in my room!

I also went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple while we were in the IKEA neighborhood.  It's so pretty!

(This is my attempt at getting a picture with both Annie AND the temple in the background without the help of a camera timer or another human)

Music and the Spoken Word

This morning I went with Annie and Joleen to Music and the Spoken Word at the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
I've never been to MATSW (way easier to type), and it was my first time in the tabernacle since they renovated it.

Oh my goodness, it was so great!  

We got there in time to hear the choir do a run-through.  

(We also sat down with enough time to be able to move up to the balcony because the man behind us was stinky...but that's a whole other creepy story)

We were allowed to take pictures before it started.
The music was so good!  They even sang Somewhere Out There...which apparently I used to sing before I could really talk.  My family always calls me whenever they hear that song.  Especially when they saw this on America's Got Talent.  

The spoken word wasn't too bad either.  Lloyd was in great voice this morning.

I plan on going back again.  There are advantages to having a later church time!  We were back with plenty of time.  If anyone ever wants to go, let me know!  I will go with you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Student Quote of the Day

It's been quite some time since my students have said anything blog-worthy.

Is it a coincidence that I haven't blogged in a long time?  
Does that mean I only blog about students and life at school?

Yep...pretty much!

So today in my CTE Intro class (7th graders), we were cooking. 
Here's the great conversation that took place...

Student:  Miss Lacey, I don't think I should cook.
Me:  Why not?
Student:  Because I have dandruff.

Perhaps I'll invest in some hair nets!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Rachel,

This blog post is dedicated to you.