Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Parents

To my friends who are parents or may someday be parents:

School is important.  Please make your children go.  Just because they're tired in the morning doesn't mean they should be able to sleep in until noon.  Their classmates and teachers are probably tired too, but they come.  I can understand maybe once or twice a year, but it's going to be a problem when your child only comes to first period three times in an entire term.  And if you do decide to let your child sleep in almost every day, please don't be surprised and shocked when your child gets a C-...that is probably a generous grade.

On a similar note, just because your child is getting an A doesn't mean they can stay home. 

Also, maybe you can help me with something....if your child cheats (let's say, for example, they forge YOUR signature...four times), would you defend them?  Would you go to the teacher and ask her to still give him credit for the assignment?

Just some thoughts.


A teacher with 5 days of school left

(FYI, these aren't all from personal experience, but they've been discussed among co-workers. I could go on all day) :)


Jackie said...

If a teacher walks into her classroom before the morning bell and find a student going the said teacher purse in the EXACT moment that she is taking cash out of the wallet the PLEASE don't defend your daughter. Or suggest that she can stay after school to do chores in your classroom to work it off. Yeah right. Like I want to spend my extra time with your kid who I just caught stealing from me. For crying out loud.

Laura Neill said...

ummmm..... my mom totally let me ditch school to go hang out with her all the time b/c I had A's ;) Then again, I did go to Mission, so it was pretty difficult to actually get behind in school...

Laura Neill said...

Oh- and I was a senior- not in junior high...

Blaine & Tessa said...

Ya I totally agree with your questions and feelings about students coming to school we get it all of the time! And I would just like to say that today is my last day of school! And it feels good!

Carie said...

I have a story to tell you about will be so proud. I can't believe I forgot about it! Good thing I reread your blog tonight!
So, this one time, I was working on a thesis. Ok, I still am. But, this one time I was and one of the girls said she'd just skip class so she could come to the workout before she went on vacation for a week to Hawaii or DC or something like that with her family. At first I thought, no big deal. Then, THIS blog post came into my head and I thought, "no way! you have to go to class! especially if you're going on vacation before school even gets out!"

That's all. Proud? I thought so. :)

Elder Ken and Sister Cheryl Fugal said...

Your blog makes me smile every time I read it. Loved and can certainly relate to this one.
Have a wonderful summer!