Friday, May 28, 2010

2009-2010 School Memories

Hooray! I made it through another school year! To be honest, it was kind of a rough year, but here are some pictures from the year...

One of my cute 8th grade girls made these funny visors for me. I jokingly told my class one day that I needed a hat that said "GO AWAY!" on it. I always have students who are behind on their work and their friends keep distracting them. Over the weekend, she went home and made these for me.

The women of the CTE department! Julianna, Rachel, me, Brittany. Julianna is due to have her baby in a couple of days! Brittany is due on 8/9/10. How cool is that? I'm so sad to see these two leaving us. :( It's been so fun to get to know them! We'll keep in touch, though! Rachel, thank you for staying with me! I would cry a lot if everyone abandoned me!
I thought this was so funny! A boy in my class made his pajamas out of this fabric. He had some left-overs, so a girl in my class made a skin for my wall :)
Last semester I had a student who made a sweatshirt and left it in my room (he said he didn't want it). Julianna had him this semester. One day she was telling me about how he doesn't have a backpack and never brings anything to class. So we took matters into our own hands. We turned his hoodie into a backpack! It was pretty awesome :)
Summer, thank you for coming. I didn't think you would ever come, and I'm hoping I can make it through the final 35 minutes of school...but I think I can. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you serious?

Dear 4" of snow outside my window:


It's May 24th.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A long, long time ago!

Today is May 19th (in case any of you forgot).

I graduated from high school exactly 8 years ago!

I don't know how I've always remembered the 19th. I can't even remember my roommate's birthday (I'm sorry, Joleen. The 2010 Census now thinks your birthday is December 10th...I was close!) But I can remember the day I graduated from high school. I think I had been anticipating the day so much that I had "May 19th" hammered into my head!

Go class of 2002!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There are only 8 days of school left. One problem...I don't think I can make it! I have been on edge all day! Perhaps it was the lack of sleep last night (first trip up the canyon this year for a campfire!!!).

Can I make it?

Do I need to take another personal day?

Any words of advice to help me make it?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Update on Previous Post

4 stitches.

Once again...I should have been a doctor

Remember how my day ended on Friday? (see previous post) Well, my Monday morning also started off with a bang!

I had a few students in my room working on their quilts before school started. A couple minutes before school was going to start, a girl came running up to me and said, "Someone just cut her hand with a rotary cutter, and it's REALLY bad!"

She wasn't kidding. This girl was gushing blood. It was sick! So I gave her something to compress it while I tried not to throw up all over. Then I took her down to the office. They called her dad, and she is currently getting stitches.

I know I'm a sewing teacher, but I don't think I could sew THAT!

Sorry, no pictures this time (unless you want me to take a pictures of the really bloody blade I had to thank you! Sick!!!)

19.5 days of school left!