Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest post from Carie

Dear blogging community, Shannon has asked me to guest blog because she's going insane with work. So, without further is an update on her life!

1. The dryer in Shannon's abode finally officially died last week (trust me, it was definitely on its last limb)! It's good as new today, though! The landlord and his dad came over on Saturday to look at it. They ordered a part and came over this morning at 7:30am to fix it! Can you say amazing landlord? According to Shannon it's as good as new and so quiet. They even replaced the light bulb inside. The dryer light has never worked since they moved in!

2. Shannon feels that if Harry Potter World were in Disneyworld there would be no need for Universal Studios. I think I agree. Butterbeer...yumm

3. Shannon has volunteered to make me a Harry Potter quilt! I'll let her post a picture of it. I can't imagine trying to make it though. It looks way too hard. She's such a good friend!

4. Shannon will be traveling next summer (is anyone surprised?). As of the last update I had there were 3 'must visit' countries and I believe 2-3 more that may be on the list. This list obviously doesn't include visiting family or (uh hem) friends yet. Maybe she should just rent out her apartment for the summer... 

5. There was a needle-in-the-finger incident with a 9th grader recently. Luckily Bob (name changed) came in at just the right time to get it out so Shannon didn't have to.

6. If Shannon really loves you, she'll send you this valentine for Single's Awareness Day. If you don't get one don't be upset. She's really busy (hence me posting on her blog for her). Thanks for stopping in! Come again soon when the real (and more exciting) Shannon Lacey will be back