Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I love about Drummond

I went home to Montana this past weekend. I brought my roommate Annie and we picked up our friend Alisa in Idaho along the way. It's always fun to bring friends home because they point out the little, unique things that I forget are so great. Here are a few of those great things that I look forward to whenever I go home...

  • The pins moms wear at basketball games that have a picture of their child on it. Alisa made one with a hand-drawn picture of me that said, "Go Shannon Lacey!"
  • The funny books on the tables at the Wagon Wheel
  • Driving on whichever side of the road doesn't have pot holes
  • I feel like a celebrity
  • Cowboy themed baby showers
  • Glenn Mackay pointing out that he is taller than I am
  • The nasty water at the church (okay, so that's not a great thing, but it's something to count on whenever I'm home!)
  • Waving at every car when you pass them on the highway
  • Really cold tap water
  • Lela's shoes always match her outfit (they were red this time)
  • Saying "They're my neighbor!" when they live a mile away
  • How stinking nice everyone is
  • Everyone asking why I'm not married yet
  • Cow crossing signs
  • At church, everyone calls each other "brother and sister", but instead of putting their last name after it, they put their first name. Examples....Brother A.J. or Sister Margaret
  • Seeing my parents! (Dad's in Utah right now, so I saw him before I left)
What do YOU love about Drummond?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brace yourself, Drummond...

I'm coming to see you.