Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How embarrassing

So I'm not afraid to admit this, but my birthday is on Friday! I actually love all forms of birthdays. I even wish I could throw a party for each of my students' birthdays (even the ones I don't like), but we would probably miss out on a lot of quality education :)

But what I don't like to do is make you feel obligated to get me a gift. My mother has taught me by example that "all I want for my birthday is a hug from you!" I always get mad at her when she says this (after I give her a hug) because I never knew what she wanted....turns out a couple of you feel the same!

So I'm blaming this on my old roommate Cheryl (sorry to give you away Cheryl...hee hee), but here is the requested birthday wish list. PLEASE don't think of this as me trying to get more gifts. (Though maybe I should register at Target...I like Target) And please don't consider this to be a lame list because I've been racking my brains for anything I might need/want.

  • A hug from you (no really, that's what I want!)
  • A table fan (I have a big one, and it's always in the way)
  • Whoonu (fun game!!! From the makers of Cranium. Kind of like Apples to Apples. It's a brainless game...that's why I like it!)
  • A big bath towel (they're so cozy)
  • A knife (that actually cuts)
  • A big round brush (I have a semi-small one and the lady who cut my hair the other day used a huge one)
  • A car wash (my car is sick right now)
  • iTunes gift card (or gift cards to any random place...they're always fun!)
  • A CD of your favorite music
  • Fruit (something fun...ya know...other than the apples, oranges, and bananas I usually get)
  • Quarters (I am turning a quarter of a century afterall! Maybe I could use them for the car wash)
So there it is. I'm embarrassed to post this, but if it makes you happy, then I am happy...because your happiness is also what I want for my birthday (cheesy!!! but true)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Guess what...

This is my 100th blog post!

Some people do silly things like a give-away or a drawing on a blogiversary or notable post such as this.
That's just weird.

But then again, I'm weird!

So I'm going to do it!

I stayed up all night thinking about how to do this,
and here's what I came up with...

Whoever leaves a comment with a story that makes me laugh the most will get a PRIZE.

(Hey, I have to make this entertaining for me too!)

What is the prize? Well it's a surprize!

It could be a movie, or a book, or something crafty I made, or a pencil!

So get creative! You could write about something funny your kid said, insert a youtube link, tell a joke...
whatever you think might make me laugh until it hurts!

I'll give you about a week...ready....GO!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Random road trip

On Wednesday my roommate Alisa decided she needed to get out of Provo, so on Thursday morning at 9:30ish we hopped in the car and headed to Rexburg, Idaho (that's where Alisa is from). Her sister and brother-in-law were graduating from BYU-I, so she thought that was a pretty good opportunity to get out of town!

It was a super quick trip (we were only gone for about 34 hours), but it was a lot of fun! Alisa's family is a lot of fun! Her parents were so nice and her younger siblings were so very entertaining!

Thanks for the random fun trip, Alisa! Back to reality (well, as real as it gets for a teacher on summer break...hee hee) :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter Night!

Last week a group of us went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. To get ready, we made these AWESOME t-shirts!My roommate Alisa and I went at 7:45pm to get in line. We stopped at Costa Vida on the way to grab some dinner.We actually had a lot of fun waiting in line. We played three rounds of Dirty Marbles.I won once...twice...all three times!
I rarely win this game (probably because Rebecca wasn't there), but I just got really lucky!
Mel, Carie, and Amy played Phase 10.
We had plenty of time for random pictures.(Mel, Amy, Carie, Jason, Emily, Alisa, me)
(Jason taking a nap on Alisa's back...while they were standing)(With my Harry Potter ring. It broke at the end of the movie. I'm saying it was a Horcrux...therefore it was necessary for it to break)
And we finally made it into the theater! It was a GREAT movie! It's definitely my favorite of the movies so far. There were a lot of funny moments...mainly geared toward teenage hormones. Did you like it?

My new bedroom purchases

I'm moving to an unfurnished place in a couple of weeks. I've been shopping around on craigslist and ksl.com for all sorts of furniture. It's been kind of fun, but kind of a pain without a truck that I can use at any time to go pick up things. In the midst of all these blog posts today, I'm shopping around online for tables, dressers, etc.

Yesterday I wanted to go find things for my bedroom. The room I'll be in has half of the room painted red. My bedroom stuff right now is blue and brown. As much as I love this country, I didn't really want a patriotic bedroom, so I went looking for other accent items to add more color into my room. My roommate Alisa and I went to TJ Maxx and found a couple of pillows and a rug that will add some orange and lime green...I'm really excited! So now I think I'm going to paint part of my room orange! (sounds scary, but I think it could be fun).The rug looks wild, but it's cute...and so soft! :)Let me know what you think!
Any suggestions would be appreciated :)P.S. Please ignore the stuff under my bed...there's nothing like finding any possible storage space in a small apartment!

Pinewood Derby

Last night our ward had a pinewood derby. Each FHE group got two kits, and last Monday we spent an hour listening to brilliant BYU engineer and physics students battle out what would be the most aerodynamic design. We just wanted to make a pretty one. Of course we procrastinated and started two hours before the derby! But it was beautiful! :)

What did we make?
Optimus Prime
It was awesome! Now I can't really take much credit for it. My neighbor Esther and roommate Alisa did most of the work. I just printed and Mod Podged the Autobot symbol all over it...including on the tires :)Isn't he pretty? :)

We weren't expecting the best results, but we made it to the finals! I think we got 3rd or 4th place! We may have hidden a bunch of pennies in the cab. :)

The other "aerodynamic" car in our group actually got first place. I wish I would have taken a picture of it. The car itself did look very wind resistant...it was very flat and felt as light as a paper airplane. But they finally realized that they needed weight, so they strapped a HUGE bolt on top of it (can you tell we didn't have any weight requirements?)

My craftiness

Last week while I was visiting Natalie in California (blog post coming soon!), I had to find something to do with my time while Natalie was at work and at a conference. When I was still in school, I came across this Buttercup bag pattern at Made By Rae. I printed the pattern that day and forgot about it. Last week when I was at school, I found it under my pile and decided to go for it! They were pretty easy and a lot of fun!

I gave the green one to Natalie. I kept the red one

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now wait a minute...

...the countdown says that I still have a day and a half left until Harry Potter. I just noticed that it says it is released on July 17th. Well that is silly, because I already saw it! 5 hours later, I'm awake (but not really). I took pictures of the "waiting in line" festivities, so I'll post them later. Though it might have to be after I get back from my visit to Natalie in California!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh boy!

Do you see the countdown at the top of this page?! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is coming out NEXT WEEK!!! Call me a nerd, but I am sooo excited! In fact, yesterday we bought our tickets for the midnight showing on Tuesday night. And in case that isn't enough for me, I am going again when I go visit Natalie in San Diego next week. But now I have to get back to reading...I'm trying to finish the book again before the movie!