Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaii Day 5


We started this day off with a little snorkeling back at Poipu beach.  We stopped by a local shop and got some snorkeling gear.  

So much fun!

Sea Turtle!

We even saw Gill from Finding Nemo. Don't you think they look the same?
My roommates and I got matching bracelets.  Aren't we cute?
That afternoon/evening, we went on a catamaran up the Na Pali Coast


They pointed out a lot of places where movies have been filmed.  I hadn't seen most of them, but a little clip of Indiana Jones was filmed along this ridge.  And the upcoming Pirates movie (coming out THIS WEEK!) was also filmed here.
I've never seen anything so beautiful.
 King Kong.  Can you see the ape face in the rock?
 "Hey did you see that [water] today?  Talk about blue."
(bonus points to whomever catches the movie reference)
After going up the coast, we stopped while they fed us dinner.
I even tried poi--steamed taro root, pounded into a paste.  It was nasty.  But it was purple, so that was cool :)

On the way back, it got a little stormy.  The waves started coming.  With waves comes sea sickness.  Luckily, none of us got too sick, but there were definitely a lot of sicklings on the boat!  It was sick.  
(Not real...but funny!)

Annie watching the sick people while Kelli tries not to get sick herself.
We stayed up top most of the time since the sickies were down below.  As a result, we got a bit wet :)
If you're ever going to Kauai, I HIGHLY recommend a catamaran tour.  Just make sure you take a little Dramamine before you go. :)


Katie said...

It's funny how too many waves, even when you don't have a weak stomach, will make you sick. All your pictures are so pretty. I love the fish ones.