Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

All I ask for is a little bit of sunshine and one day without snow! Yesterday was a fun day...I left for work in the morning with beautiful 40 degree weather (no really, that's the highest for 6 am in a long time!) Then half way through school I opened the blinds in my room to find a complete white-out! 5 minutes before school got out, the principal came over the speakers to announce that the highway patrol had kept the buses from leaving because the roads were so bad. So the kids got to hang out in my room for an hour and a half after school until the storm stopped and the buses were able to get to Alpine! I turned on an old Abbott and Costello video and waited with them!

So you would think that would be the great storm of the week, right? Well, the snow stopped for about 24 hours, but it's on full force again tonight and is supposed to go all through the night with more snow than the one yesterday. Now this wouldn't bother me so much, but we have had snow at least twice a week since the middle of December. And it doesn't ever warm up enough to melt the snow. It's just piling up. Okay, I'm done complaining! :)

School is going great! My class sizes are really big, but the kids are mostly good! Of course there are the typical "I can't stop talking" students, but I can handle it! :) It's still early in the semester, though. Sometimes the true personality doesn't come out for a couple more weeks.
Other than school and snow, what else is there? :) RS meetings, fondue parties, quilts, Cougar basketball, birthday parties, friends...I've actually been really busy lately with all sorts of fun stuff! I made the cutest quilt on Saturday. It's a baby quilt doubling as a Valentine's Day decoration for our apartment. :)
Well, that's really about it in the snowy world of Shannon. I hope you're all doing well. Dad, I hope you're recovering well and enjoying your liquids. :) Have a great week!