Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Winter

Dear Winter, I am writing this letter in behalf of those who are STILL receiving visits from you. Your friends Sleet and Snow have been badgering us for the past 6 months. We can tolerate an occasional visit in October and November, and it's obvious that you will send your forces to us through December, January, and February (which were especially brutal months this year, I might add!) But it's APRIL for crying out loud! In fact, we are mere days from MAY! Why do you insist on torturing us so? Let your friends Spring and Summer have their turn. I keep seeing them try to poke their heads out behind the curtains, but you're always there to take away the limelight! Your time is through. The glory days are over.

Go away,


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things I have Come To Realize...

My friend Kristy Erickson tagged me on this a couple days ago, and since I'm having a hard time focusing at work, I thought I'd waste time and go fill in the blanks. Thanks for giving me something to do! :)
Things I have come to realize...
1. I have come to realize that my family....consists of the most amazing people I know. It always amazes me that even though there are age gaps and thousands of miles between us, we are still so close! I can call any one of them and chat for a long time (as is evidence of some calls in the past couple weeks) :)
2. I have come to realize that when I talk...when I am nervous (usually to a guy) I lose my voice. So if you ever see me talking to a guy, and I lose my voice, I probably like him or something. :) (but that isn't always the don't judge me every time I'm talking to someone)
3. I have come to realize that I need...another spring break...but only 27 days of school left!
4. I have come to realize that I have ability to have a civilized conversation...when you hang out with 12-15 year olds all day, you tend to start having conversations about like Hannah Montana and like how dreamy David Archuleta is and like....ya. :)
5. I have come to realize that I hate it when...I can't express in words what I mapped out in my head. It's as if I am too nervous to really slow down and think about what I'm saying, so I ramble on and on...kind of like this :)
6. I have come to realize that when I'm hungry...I should call Cherilyn or Kristy (my sister Kristy) and have them remind me to not eat crap :)
7. I have come to realize that ridiculous. The bank gives me all this money to spend on college and actually expects me to pay them back? That's just silly. :)
8. I have come to realize that people...can often be ridiculous.
9. I have come to realize that I'll always love with Harry Potter :) (it was the first thing that came to must be true!)
10. I have come to realize that I'm in love with...crouquet (but only if I win like I did last night)
11. I have come to realize that my cell phone...doesn't always have to be attached to me.
12. I have come to realize that when I woke up this morning...I should have gone to bed a LOT earlier last night!
13. I have come to realize that before I go to sleep at night...I should really read or else I think too much about life.
14. I have come to realize that right now I'm thinking I should really be getting ready for the preschool I'm having the next couple of days!!!
15. I have come to realize that babies...make me so happy. I see pictures of Megan's adorable new Cameron and all my nieces and nephews, and I seriously am so happy! They are so precious, and I just want to hold them all day (and give them back to their parents when they have a poopy diaper....hee hee)!
16. I have come to realize that when I blog...I justify myself...."Well it's okay that I do this because people keep asking when I'm going to post something new! It's okay that I'm not getting anything else done!"
17. I have come to realize that today I will...carpe diem....and get my oil changed :)
18. I have come to realize that tonight I will...get an oil change, go to the gym, visit some girls in my ward, and watch American Idol!
19. I have come to realize that tomorrow I will...see my friend Laura!
20. I have come to realize that I really want, not be at school, read, take a nap....hey, I guess I just want summer vacation! :)
21. I have come to realize that everyone I tag will do this...because they are bored! It was fun, though. I'm going to tag....well, anyone who wants to do it!