Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is it June?

Carie just said I need to blog.  I know, I's been a long time.  I've just been busy doing cool things (that...I know...I should blog about). I'll try to give a better update before I leave for Ireland.  In case you didn't see the countdown, I leave in a week!

But I just wanted to point out that I got a sunburn today.
A sunburn!

It's March 31st!

It was something amazing like 80 degrees today.

I went running for about 50 minutes, and that's all it took to give this pasty white skin a little red glow (and sweet burn lines to show where my watch, ipod, and socks were). 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recipe for the best Pandora station

Start with Sara Bareilles

add variety:  Ingrid Michaelson
(who I'm going to see on April 19, FYI. Jealous? Good)

add variety:  Joshua Radin
(who I saw a year ago, FYI. Still jealous? Good)

I'm in love with this station!