Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Much needed sunshine

I went down to San Diego this past weekend with some friends.  We planned this a couple months ago because we figured we'd probably need some sunshine about now.  Definitely true!

Along with sleeping in each day (so great!), we did all sorts of stuff...

Ate crepes for breakfast
Spent time at the beach
Sat on a cow bench
 Did a little people watching
(like this lady dancing on a box)
(or this guy who thought he was a robot)
Pretended we were pirates
 Saw the San Diego Temple
 Ate the most delicious fish tacos I may ever have in my life from Blue Water
 Took a trip to the zoo (after taking over an hour to find a parking spot!)
 Pretended we were the animals
 Soaked up the sun while drinking frozen lemonade at Seaport Village
Now it's just a matter of making it another 5 weeks until Spring Break!

Friday, February 1, 2013

To upgrade or not to upgrade...that is the question

So I'm on a business trip.

Doesn't that sound cool?

It makes me feel like a real adult.

I'm down in beautiful St. George for a conference.  60 degree weather and blue, clear skies are just what this girl needed! (Too bad I'm stuck inside all day)

As I type, I'm hanging out in my hotel room with a massive king size bed.  It's huge!  I can lie on it in any direction, and my feet won't hang off the edge.  It's so great!  (If I messed up, please excuse my misuse of lie vs lay...that was one I could never remember.  Their/there/they're and your/you're, on the other it!  Let me know if you need lessons.)

Anyway, at least twice a week, my roommate tells me I should get a bigger bed.  I currently am the proud owner of a twin sized bed.  A hand-me-down, in fact. (Thanks again. You know who you are.)  

I've come really close to upgrading to at least a full or a queen.  But I keep telling myself that purchasing a larger bed is a want...not a need.  However, after tonight I just might have to go for the king.  Heck, I might even go for a California King!  But that might be pushing it.  I don't think it would fit in my room.  Besides, I live on the 3rd floor.  No one wants to carry a California King up stairs.

I'll stick to my twin bed.  Until then, I'll just enjoy this sweet bed.  Good night!