Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaii Day 4


I have a new love.  That new love is kayaking!  On Tuesday we went kayaking up the Wailua River.  It was so much fun!  We were in double kayaks, so Kelli and I got to share.
We paddled up the river with our 18-year-old-stuck-in-a-30-year-old-body, Johnny.
He took us on a hike to an amazing waterfall.  Along the way, Johnny showered us with fun facts about Kauai. Did you know that mango leaves smell like the mango fruit?  I carried one around with me for a long time. mmm
We also got to walk through a lot of mud...
Eat flowers that taste like mushrooms (This was close to beating our helicopter ride as the coolest thing we did while we were there. It was so great!)
And play in the waterfall
Then we kayaked back down the river.
Of course we had to get our shave ice for the day.
For dinner, we made a BBQ chicken salad at the house and took it to Hanalei Bay to watch the sunset.
I'm pretty sure this was also the night we went into town to listen to a local band.  The drummer worked at Ono Ono (shave ice place from the day before), and she invited us to come.  They were playing at a little bar.  I made a couple friends as we sat outside listening to them.  Very entertaining. :)


Carie said...

You got my chacos all dirty??? I really can't believe you. :)

Maybe we should skip the October conference thing and go to Hawaii instead...

Tammy said...

I can't believe how different our Hawaii experiences were from each other. We didn't take a helicopter ride or kayak or swim in a waterfall pool (it had been raining and the waterfalls/rivers were running too swiftly and high) or (believe it or not!) have shave ice! Sounds like I need to go back!!! ;-)