Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love is in the air...

This week has been full of engaged couples....

[ 1 ] My sister Natalie got engaged on Friday night!
Hooray for Natalie and Justin!!!
I'm so excited for you guys!

[ 2 ] I went to Salt Lake on Monday night and met my Uncle Alan's fiance, Sandy.

[ 3 ] The original reason I went to Salt Lake on Monday was to meet my cousin Trevor's fiance, Kristy.

[ 4 ] After 1st period on Tuesday, a student (I haven't even taught him in 2 years) approached me and said,
"Miss Lacey, are you married?"
(once again, students need a lesson in Miss vs. Mrs vs. Ms)
I replied with a "No, I am not", and he proceeded to get down on one knee and say,
"Miss Lacey, will you marry me?"
He had a big, fake ring and everything
(pretty sure he had just found it on the floor in the hall)
I said, "Oh! I feel so special! But you are WAY too young. Sorry dude." :)
He stood up and said, "Oh dang. It was worth a try!"

So it may have come from a 15 year old, but I did get a marriage proposal this week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had a bad dream last night.

I wanted to call my mommy and ask for comfort because I was so scared.

I had a dream that Verizon charged me every time I pushed my snooze button on my phone alarm.

My bill was $700!

Yes, that's how often I snooze.

Sometimes I think I should feel bad because Annie can probably hear it going off...but she snoozes too, so it's not too bad :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ms. vs Mrs. and Miss Lacey's Skills

Today I had one of our school counselors teaching my 7th grade classes. I overheard this conversation between the counselor and two students.

Student 1: What is your name again?
Counslor: Ms. ________ (name withheld for the safety of the counselor) :)
Student 1: I can never keep it straight...what is the difference between Mrs. and Ms.?
Student 2: Ms. means "I'm not telling" (meaning I'm not telling if I'm married or not)

I thought it was pretty funny!


I also heard another funny thing while the counselor was talking to the class...

Counselor: For most jobs you have to have a college degree. I got a masters degree and got a job. Miss Lacey went to college and she was able to get a job.
Funny Student: Well that's because Miss Lacey has skills!
Counselor: What...I don't have skills?
Funny Student: Well I don't know about that. But Miss Lacey has a lot of sweet skills!

Oh the things they say to make me feel good about myself. Such a funny kid.