Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hawaii Day 1: Traveling

I'm sorry if I've been keeping you up at night in anticipation of seeing pictures from Hawaii.  
All 6 of us finally got together on Saturday to exchange pictures.  There are a bagillion (approximately) pictures, so I've been trying to figure out how to narrow them down!  
I think I'll be doing a post for each day of our trip.  
Sound good?  
Okay, here we go!

Here is what we left:  Snow!
I've never been so excited to see snow.  It made our trip to paradise that much better!

Here we are before we left, minus Kelli who met us at the airport.
 Excitedly waiting for our final flight to Lahui...this after our flight from Salt Lake to LAX and LAX to Honolulu. 
(Sidenote: I had Party In The USA in my head the whole time we were in LAX)
We were all jealous of this beautiful/festive outfit...complete with a bright moomoo, white leggings, and two (yes, two) beach hats.  She also had a large kickboard with her (not pictured).
We made it to the airport in Kauai!
Do we look tired?  It's probably because we were!  This was after 12 hours of traveling and about 2:30am in Utah.  And still an hour drive to our house ahead of us.  Who cares!  We're in Hawaii!  Let the fun begin!


Cristi said...

Reading this reminds me the humidity and tropical smell when I got off the airplane in Hawaii. I'm SO jealous!

Katie said...

I'm so excited for all the pictures to come. And that outfit is fantastic! I might have to get one next time I go to hawaii.