Thursday, May 19, 2011

A random day to remember

I've never been known for my stellar memory.  I was always the one who forgot everything 5 minutes after finishing a test.

That may or may not be because I was one of those procrastinator crammers when I was in school.

But every now and then, I remember some random fact, date, name, etc.

May 19th is one of those dates.

9 years ago today, I graduated from high school.

I can't remember most of my good friends' birthdays, but I can remember my high school graduation date?
What's my problem?

Why I remember that date, I have no clue.  It was probably because I knew about it half way during my junior year.  My friends Kate, Kara and I created a paper chain with several weeks left of our senior year and strung it down our high school hallway (Yes, hallway is singular.  You should go to Drummond High's a social experience you shouldn't miss.  Add it to your bucket list).  It never got ripped down because the rest of the seniors were excited for it, too.  And the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were probably too scared to do it because we would shove them in a locker.  And the teachers wouldn't rip it down because they were excited to see the class of 2002 out the door after dealing with us for 13 years of K-12.

I can't believe it's been 9 years.  I'm getting old!  But it's been a great 9 years!


Kristen said...

Drummond high school is a must! So happy I got to check that off my list :) PS love ALL of your Hawaii pics!

Jake and Shell said...

It's funny, I don't remember much either, but I remembered reading that you always remember the date of your graduation! And....wait till it's been NINETEEN years since graduation. THEN talk about how old you feel!!! :)