Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Student Quote of the Day

It's been quite some time since my students have said anything blog-worthy.

Is it a coincidence that I haven't blogged in a long time?  
Does that mean I only blog about students and life at school?

Yep...pretty much!

So today in my CTE Intro class (7th graders), we were cooking. 
Here's the great conversation that took place...

Student:  Miss Lacey, I don't think I should cook.
Me:  Why not?
Student:  Because I have dandruff.

Perhaps I'll invest in some hair nets!


Katie said...

Ewww, gross! That is pretty funny, though. You need to start posting again. You always make me laugh.

Ashley said...

GROSS. And what kind of student proudly declares that? Gross.
ps - LOVE the spring break countdown clock! So fun.