Monday, January 17, 2011


As I type, my roommates and Jared (Annie's brother) are talking about passion they have for things.

People have passion for things like music, their jobs, puzzles, sports, and hating the Yankees (that would be Joleen).

Something I've struggled with recently is the fact that I don't think I have a passion for much.

Some might think I'm passionate about my job because I spend a lot of time with it.  Not completely.  I do love my students.  Not much can make me happier than having a kid say my class is his favorite or to see a student succeed in my class when she isn't doing well in other classes.  At my conferences, I hear FACS teachers talk about how passionate they are about FACS programs.  I actually don't know that I'm completely passionate about my program.  I could probably teach anything and still feel the same way about my students.

I do love friends.  Can friendship be a passion?  I'm a pretty crappy friend, though. :)  You've all been the victim of me not visiting or calling for months/years.  But I love you.  A lot.

Other than that, I can't think of much...though Jared pointed out that I'm pretty passionate about Harry Potter.  Might be true.
Oh yes...this picture brings me joy.

Is it too late to develop passion for something?

Am I really passionate about something that I just don't see?  If so, will you tell me?

I kind of feel like a dud.
Like I have no hobbies.
Or no interests.

Realization is hitting that I'm a loser! :)

Any suggestions for me?

What are your passions?


Carie said...

Carie emails.

Carie said...

see text messages. Enter them here. If needed. :)

Katie said...

You can totally become passionate about stuff still. I've become pretty passionate about different crafty things lately, that I liked but wasn't passionate about before. Also, an on again off again passion is reading. And since you already have books you love, just find new books to be passionate about.

Kristy said...

I'm totally in your same boat. It hit me not too long ago that I don't really have anything I'm passionate about. I feel like I'm so tired at the end of my work day that I don't have time to be passionate about anything haha!

Jake and Shell said...

Oh sweet Shannon....I think you have more hobbies, passions and interests than you know. You can't be so great at so many things and NOT have some passion for them. Just because you are not obsessive does not mean you are not passionate :) Harry Potter may be a good point though. You may be the biggest fan I know. :)

Halls Family said...

I think it's a Lacey thing. I hate projects and hobbies, they take too much time and never get finished. :) Right now I am passionate about exercising and that's about it...well and keeping up with my kids, but that doesn't count. I just had an idea of something you could pick up on- being a passionate kisser! :) My boys would die if they read this. We love you Shannon, especially if you aren't passionate about everything you come across in life. People like that can be a little over the top. :)

Heather Whitworth said...

Shannon, you are too funny! You are always talking about your family and how much you love them... I think you are passionate about your FAMILY, oh yes and lets not forget PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and EDWARD!

Love ya, you already know what I'm passionate about. :)

Amber Broadhead said...

So, call me a stalker, but I just found your blog. :) AND, I really like this post because I feel the same way lately. I say we pick up a hobby together.