Sunday, January 9, 2011

Music and the Spoken Word

This morning I went with Annie and Joleen to Music and the Spoken Word at the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
I've never been to MATSW (way easier to type), and it was my first time in the tabernacle since they renovated it.

Oh my goodness, it was so great!  

We got there in time to hear the choir do a run-through.  

(We also sat down with enough time to be able to move up to the balcony because the man behind us was stinky...but that's a whole other creepy story)

We were allowed to take pictures before it started.
The music was so good!  They even sang Somewhere Out There...which apparently I used to sing before I could really talk.  My family always calls me whenever they hear that song.  Especially when they saw this on America's Got Talent.  

The spoken word wasn't too bad either.  Lloyd was in great voice this morning.

I plan on going back again.  There are advantages to having a later church time!  We were back with plenty of time.  If anyone ever wants to go, let me know!  I will go with you!