Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just need to vent...

It's 5:45 pm.

The last student JUST left.

At one point between now and the time school got out, there were 32 kids in here finishing projects.

Can you tell the end of term is TOMORROW!
Procrastination stinks.
Don't do it.

I just went to the bathroom for the first time since 6:00 am.
(I bet you really wanted to know that, but the fact that I haven't had time to go in almost 12 hours is saying something...and it points out the fact that I haven't had any water today.)

You might be saying to yourself, "It's a good thing Shannon has a 3 day weekend to gain control of herself."
Then Shannon reminds you that she has a conference tomorrow night, starting right after school.  Plus it's all day Saturday.

Did I mention that tomorrow is the end of the term?

That means grades are due before I leave for my conference tomorrow.  
Plus what do I teach the new 238 students I get next week?

Who knows.

One day at a time.

Back to calculating student data that shows that I was an ineffective teacher this past semester.


Carie said...

Usually I get an email on days like this...I'm glad I checked your blog.

Do not cry petrie, many things do not fly...

Good luck friend!

Mel said...

At times like these I think it is most important to remember that ...well I had something profound to say, but I don't remember it.
Another thing to think about is that just because the kids didn't have a good grade in your doesn't mean they didn't learn anything. At least that is what I tell myself about my own grades.... :) But seriously. Not all knowledge is measured in the A, B, C's....or F's.
Hope it all turns out for ya!

Angell said...

Just think. Two months, three weeks, and six days... :)

heather said...

That sucks! But I know you will get it all done before you leave. And drink more water! :)

Jackie said...

Oh third term. I hate you. Good luck!