Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I want to name my first-born son Jimmer.


Is it because Jimmer Fredette scored 47 points against Utah last night?
Is it because he's the leading scorer in the nation?
Is it because he can hit half-court shots without a problem?

Well those are all great, but I'd love to name my first-born son Jimmer so I can say, 
"You got Jimmered" 
whenever he does something awesome.

I was reading the article about the BYU vs Utah game in the paper today and saw the title Utes get Jimmered.

That's awesome.

Jimmer is awesome.


Adam and Brittany said...


Adam and Brittany said...


Angell said...

Ha! LOVE it! Sean and I are HUGE Jimmer fans. We went to almost every home game when he was a freshman, and he was amazing back then too! We even met and chatted with his parents at one game! Love Jimmer! And love what he did in Utah! GO JIMMER!!!!