Saturday, June 19, 2010

New CTE Teacher of the Year

So I won a teaching award and was presented with it at the Family and Consumer Sciences Summer Conference this week at BYU.  
My mom told me to have someone take pictures of me receiving it.  
I actually did have my camera in my bag, but I was way too embarrassed to have someone take pictures.  
In fact, I'm really embarrassed to even be posting about an award I won, so here's my compromise...a picture of the plaque they gave me.  
Does that work?

Someone asked if I get a school grant or anything for winning.  Nope!  Just a name on a plaque and a few high fives. :)

This is for you, Mom.  I worked hard to receive this so you would have something to write about me in the Christmas letter next year!


Joleen said...

That's my roommate. Boo-yeah!!

Ryan G said...

way to go Shannon! You are awesome! Why didn't you tell anyone? I could have come and take pictures for you!!

Ashley said...

What up?!! Woot Woot!! Halla.

Can I take credit for this a little since I taught my first year with you? Please? We were like emotional wrecks. Thank Heaven for Heather!!

Katie said...

Hey, congrats. That's cool. I laughed out loud when you said the part about having something to write in the christmas newsletter. You're so funny.

Jackie said...

You are awesome! You deserve it! WAY TO GO GIRL!

heather said...


Joseph & Julianna said...

congrats! You deserve it!

Justin and Natalie said...

Seriously that's incredible! You do deserve it...and then some! I can't even wait for the Christmas poem now! Yay!