Thursday, June 3, 2010

Babysitting: Day 3

  • Amie pooped in the bathtub.  Emily and Steve were in there at the time.  I would have gotten upset, but Emily and Steve's reactions were so hilarious that I found it quite comical.  It didn't help that Amie was giggling as well!
  • Mitch was supposed to leave today for a merit badge clinic, but it got moved to tomorrow morning.
  • Since Mitch didn't leave today, he got to play in his baseball game.  Ryan is also on the team.  They may have lost, but it was still fun to see them play!  Mitch was supposed to hit a homerun and dedicate it to me, but it didn't happen. :)  He did score, though.  And Ryan took a double-hit to the leg on one pitch.
  • The funniest part of the day came during the boys' pre-game practice.  The sprinklers turned on right in the middle of it, and they all went crazy!  Their bags and equipment were right in the middle of the drenching, so they all went crazy to get them.  It reminded me of the days when we would bring couches and a tv up the canyon and watch movies.  You would think that we would remember that South Fork's sprinklers turn on at 11 every night!