Saturday, June 5, 2010

Babysitting: Day 4

  • Ryan had baseball practice, so I took the kids for a few minutes.  Amie had so much fun playing in the dirt (right after applying sunscreen).  So we got to take another bath last night.  My feet were filthy, so I put my feet in the tub with her and she washed them for me. It was so cute!  Within a few minutes, Steve and Emily were also soaking their feet.  It was quite the party!
  • I didn't know what to do...Amie was taking a nap and the rest of the kids were all gone!  So I started to watch Avatar!
  • After the kids went to bed, I finished watching Avatar.  This was the first time watching it.  I never understood why everyone said it was so "political".  I'm pretty sure I understand now!  We are all horrible people for ruining our earth.  Is that what they're going for? :)


Katie said...

Ryan and I just watched Avatar for the first time too. We were just trying to figure out why we thought we had the right to go and kill all those people. Hello! What happened to human rights and learning from our past and all that? It just wasn't plausible to us. But a fun entertaining movie nonetheless.