Saturday, June 5, 2010

Babysitting: Day 5

Cherilyn and David made it back from their trek this afternoon.  All kids are alive, unhurt, and accounted for.  Success!  When Cherilyn got home, the first thing she asked was, "So, how many kids do you want to have?"  I said, "6!" :)  If they were all as good as these kids, I would probably consider it!

The kids are so excited to have their parents back (even though Amie was more interested in her Otter Pop when they got home.)

Right before I started this post, I asked little Amie what my name was.  She said, "MOM!" :)  Oh boy, it's a good thing Cherilyn got back when she did!


Sally said...

You are one cool aunt, and a SUPER sister. I can't even imagine taking on that many kids! I'm sure Cherilyn was glad to know they were in good hands, though. You are pretty much awesome. If you get really bored this summer, there is an open invitation for you to take over my kids for a few days! :) Ok, just kidding. Annabelle whipped down her shorts and peed in the sand at the park tonight during the YW fundraiser dinner. I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to get a babysitter again after they all saw that!

Katie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed playing mom for a while. I'm impressed you have such a good outlook on having children, especially since you're a teacher. You're awesome Shannon!

Zac and Mindy Curtis said...

Sounds like you had fun. I like that you measure success by the kids being alive and having all their limbs when you are done. That's how I measure success teaching. :)

Shannon said...

Sally, you're right, she is an amazing sister! I can't believe she was willing to come and that she even seemed to have fun while she was here.
I love you Shannon! Thanks for going above and beyond just keeping my kids alive. They had a great time!

Shannon said...

And I'm so glad that Cherilyn made a comment signed in as me. It makes it look like I'm complimenting myself so well :)