Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ireland...finally :)

I know, I know.  It's been two months since I went to Ireland, and I haven't really given details of it.  I know I need to write details before I forget, so here we go.  I'll probably do this like my Hawaii posts where I write a post for each day I was there.

Let's start by introducing you to my travel buddies...

On the left we have Marie.  She's in my ward.  She went to Hawaii with me last year.  To my right we have Kristen and Kyle.  They were in my ward last year until they were married last July.

The first day was just a whole lot of airport and airplane time.  I know that in order to get to a fun destination, it requires travel time, but it's not my ideal form of fun.  We left really early on Sunday morning (Easter Sunday) and got into Dublin really early Monday morning, rather tired but ready for our first day in Ireland!  Which leads to my next blog post (hopefully it won't take me 2 months to write about Monday)...


Ryan G said...

FYI, next time you go to "Dublin", come to the northern California version. It's like 5 minutes from our house. :)