Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favorite Yearbook Comments 2012

Happy Last Day of School!
Always a great day!

I was just looking through comments that students wrote in my yearbook this year.  Here are a couple favorites...

"That was so funny when you chucked the laser across the room and almost hit Drake!  You are awesome!" (Why yes...yes I did accidentally throw my powerpoint clicker across the room really hard and miss a student's face by an inch.  At least the girl still thinks I'm awesome)

"You are the best! You remind me of my aunt." (I guess I'm flattered)

"Whenever I go home from this class I always want to come back."  (Oh good.  I guess this makes me a successful teacher)

"I am grateful for your instruction in the practice of clothing/sewing." (So proper)

"I know I am your best student. I am only your best student because you are the best teacher."  (He's right...he might have been my best student)

"Here's my signature so you can be a millinair." (Work on that spelling, buddy, and you'll be well on your way)

And my favorite...
"Make me a sandwich and I'll make you a scarf." 

Happy Summer!!!!!


Katie said...

Haha, you had got some funny kids in your class. Happy summer! Planning a trip to San Francisco?