Friday, June 8, 2012

Ireland: Tuesday


Oh, Dingle.  I loved it there.  How could you not like it with a name like Dingle?  Try saying it.  It's fun.  Dingle.  Did you just giggle a little?  It was the cutest town and some of the most incredible scenery as we drove around the Dingle Peninsula.
We had arranged (through email) to go kayaking with a tour guide, Noel.  Now doesn't that sound like a nice lady?  Well, turns out Noel is actually a rather attractive man, and you pronounce it like Nole.  Unfortunately, it was too windy to kayak with the attractive Irish man.

Instead, we went straight into driving around the Dingle Peninsula.  It was so beautiful!
Then we spent some time in the town of Dingle.

It was so charming!  They have so many fun shops.
And really good fish n chips.
And the cutest cheese shop you'll ever see.
 Trying out the cheese.  We were going to go back for more, but we forgot.
Noel (a.k.a. Nole) suggested that we drive home on Connor Pass.  The road was crazy skinny, but the view was amazing!
 We even got a video of the skinny road.


Katie said...

Woah, that is a skinny road. I like Dingle, that's an awesome name. I wish you had taken a picture of Noel. :)