Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ireland: Saturday

Don't worry. This is the last day.  All we did on Sunday was sit on airplanes and in airports.  But before we spend great quality time with the airport, we go to have one more day of Irish amazingness!

We went to Blarney on this day.  It was beautiful!  The grounds and gardens were beautiful.

Secret garden door :)
We're funny.
But of course we had to go kiss the Blarney Stone!  I thought the Blarney Stone would be some rock in the middle of a field.  Nope!  It's actually built into the castle.  By kissing it, you get the gift of gab, or eloquence in speaking.  I can't say it's really helped me, but at least I can now say that I've kissed something that thousands before me have kissed. :)  The stairs leading up to the stone were so steep and winding.  It was pretty crazy cool.
The guy running the stone is hilarious.  You can tell he's been doing this for a long time.  You have to lean back over a ledge to kiss the stone, so he holds onto you and helps you up and down.
Kyle and Kristen got a good video of Marie and I going.
Hand sanitizer spread on our lips when we were done...not very tasty, but maybe it kept us from getting some disease :)
We then headed to the Rock of Cashel.  It was so windy and cold there, but the castle, cemetery, and cathedral were beautiful!
 St. Patrick's Cross.  They have a replica outside, but they brought the real one inside because it was falling apart.
We went into the town of Cashel to shop around for a bit.  They had a Wonka store!
 We ended our last night back at Aunty Lena's for more bangers and mash.  So good!
 Oh, back to the car.  Here was the damage.  Oops. :)  It could have been worse!
Ireland was incredible.  I'd highly recommend it to anyone.  I wouldn't be opposed to going back someday, but there are lots of other places in the world I'd love to go.  I have a big list.  I just need to marry a rich man who will take me to these places. :)

Thanks, Ireland!


Ryan G said...

Hand sanitizer? I think I would have used bleach! Yuck!

Sonali said...

Thanks for your posts, I would be waiting for similar interesting posts in future.

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