Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A wishful hobby

I don't have a ton of hobbies.  Remember this post?

But I have a secret desire to start a new hobby...

Cake decorating!

I love watching cake decorating shows and looking up designs online.

I saw this over at The Crafting Chicks today, and I loved it!
I don't even have a cool phone or device that allows me to play Angry Birds, but I sure do love playing it!  I thought these cupcakes were so funny!
Anyway, I totally stink at it doing it myself (especially since I don't have any equipment), but it's so fun to me!

My only problem with wanting this to be a secret hobby is that I don't ever feel like I have an excuse to practice.  I might just have to start delivering them to random people.  Or maybe I can make it part of my Compassionate Service Leader calling.  What girl in my ward WOULDN'T want an angry bird delivered to their house? :)

Until then, I make random birthday cakes.

I made this little guy a couple weeks ago.  I had much greater hopes for it (on so many levels) :), but it was still fun.
 If I had time this week, maybe I would make a Hawaiian cake (remember how I'm leaving in 4 days?)
Maybe this one?  It's so cute!  Check out the volcano on top!


Sally said...

Shannon, you rock! You can make me a cake any time! :)

Heather Whitworth said...

Love love love it! You can come decorate cakes at my house. I suck at it too and we can practice together. The toy story cake is absolutely adorable though. You rock Shannon!

Adam and Brittany said...

Can we please have a cake decorating Party?!