Monday, April 4, 2011

New Life Goal

Over General Conference weekend, I was truly spiritually fed.  I received a lot of personal revelation and answers to prayers.

But I also found a new life goal...a new mission in life.

What is it?

I'm going to get my picture into the conference edition of the Ensign!

I'm going to do it!  
Just wait!
It may take my whole life, but I'm going to do it!

I think we actually came close yesterday.  We saw the photographers walking around, and they were taking pictures of some kids right next to us.  I should have just asked them to get one of us!

Until then, I guess I'll just settle for pictures taken with my crappy camera and post them on my slightly-less-than-Ensign-quality blog.

My sister Natalie and her husband were in town for conference weekend.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for getting tickets for us!

 I was so excited that my friend Amber was able to come with me last-minute!