Friday, April 1, 2011

Things that make teachers happy

My life has been changed.  My amazing co-worker, Rachel, came in with a great surprise this morning.  It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

What is it?


Well, not this exact one, but it's a 10 key pad for my laptop!

I've only had it for about an hour, but it's changed my life.

See that?  I just used the keypad to type in those numbers.

So great!

Entering student grades is probably at the top of my list of things I hate doing as a teacher (well, it's right under talking to angry parents), so maybe this will make me like it just a little more!

Thanks, Rachel!


Katie said...

Seriously, I hate having to enter numbers on laptops. That is awesome!

Laura Neill said...

Awesome! I hate not having the 10 key on laptops! When we bought a new laptop last year I insisted on getting a Toshiba over the other one we were looking at b/c almost all Toshiba's have a 10 key on them :) :) It makes me happy :)

Adam and Brittany said...

Rachel is so smart

Michelle said...

I actually had two of those at Timberline, just in case one broke!