Friday, July 24, 2009

Random road trip

On Wednesday my roommate Alisa decided she needed to get out of Provo, so on Thursday morning at 9:30ish we hopped in the car and headed to Rexburg, Idaho (that's where Alisa is from). Her sister and brother-in-law were graduating from BYU-I, so she thought that was a pretty good opportunity to get out of town!

It was a super quick trip (we were only gone for about 34 hours), but it was a lot of fun! Alisa's family is a lot of fun! Her parents were so nice and her younger siblings were so very entertaining!

Thanks for the random fun trip, Alisa! Back to reality (well, as real as it gets for a teacher on summer break...hee hee) :)


Alisa said...

Thank You Miss Wonderful. It wouldn't have been the same with out you. I think you're great : )