Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How embarrassing

So I'm not afraid to admit this, but my birthday is on Friday! I actually love all forms of birthdays. I even wish I could throw a party for each of my students' birthdays (even the ones I don't like), but we would probably miss out on a lot of quality education :)

But what I don't like to do is make you feel obligated to get me a gift. My mother has taught me by example that "all I want for my birthday is a hug from you!" I always get mad at her when she says this (after I give her a hug) because I never knew what she wanted....turns out a couple of you feel the same!

So I'm blaming this on my old roommate Cheryl (sorry to give you away Cheryl...hee hee), but here is the requested birthday wish list. PLEASE don't think of this as me trying to get more gifts. (Though maybe I should register at Target...I like Target) And please don't consider this to be a lame list because I've been racking my brains for anything I might need/want.

  • A hug from you (no really, that's what I want!)
  • A table fan (I have a big one, and it's always in the way)
  • Whoonu (fun game!!! From the makers of Cranium. Kind of like Apples to Apples. It's a brainless game...that's why I like it!)
  • A big bath towel (they're so cozy)
  • A knife (that actually cuts)
  • A big round brush (I have a semi-small one and the lady who cut my hair the other day used a huge one)
  • A car wash (my car is sick right now)
  • iTunes gift card (or gift cards to any random place...they're always fun!)
  • A CD of your favorite music
  • Fruit (something fun...ya know...other than the apples, oranges, and bananas I usually get)
  • Quarters (I am turning a quarter of a century afterall! Maybe I could use them for the car wash)
So there it is. I'm embarrassed to post this, but if it makes you happy, then I am happy...because your happiness is also what I want for my birthday (cheesy!!! but true)


Carie said...

done done done and done. :) Bring on the birthday wishes!

Cheryl said...

Fine..rat me out for making everyone else's life easier! :) I wonder what Harry wants for his birthday? Happy Birthday Shannon dear!

Halls Family said...

What a great list, I can't believe you didn't ask for socks or dishcloths. Those are the things I always remember mom asking for! Happy birthday!