Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My craftiness

Last week while I was visiting Natalie in California (blog post coming soon!), I had to find something to do with my time while Natalie was at work and at a conference. When I was still in school, I came across this Buttercup bag pattern at Made By Rae. I printed the pattern that day and forgot about it. Last week when I was at school, I found it under my pile and decided to go for it! They were pretty easy and a lot of fun!

I gave the green one to Natalie. I kept the red one


Cristi said...

you should sell those! They are REALLY cute and would work perfect for diaper bags. There's a good market for that in Utah! :) I'd buy one from you! :)

Carie said...

When do I get mine?? :) I'll pay for it!!

Paul and Amy Lacey said...

You MADE this? I know you are super talented, but this blew me away! They are ultra-chic, fun colors, etc. I would buy one from you too! You amaze me Shan!

Amy :)

Shannon said...

I should probably point out that these bags are actually quite small. Maybe I should have held one to see. So Cristi, if you want to put maybe one diaper and a couple wipes in it, this is the diaper bag for you! But I'm glad you like them. :) They really aren't that hard to make! If you go to the website in the post, you can find the pattern!