Saturday, July 25, 2009


Guess what...

This is my 100th blog post!

Some people do silly things like a give-away or a drawing on a blogiversary or notable post such as this.
That's just weird.

But then again, I'm weird!

So I'm going to do it!

I stayed up all night thinking about how to do this,
and here's what I came up with...

Whoever leaves a comment with a story that makes me laugh the most will get a PRIZE.

(Hey, I have to make this entertaining for me too!)

What is the prize? Well it's a surprize!

It could be a movie, or a book, or something crafty I made, or a pencil!

So get creative! You could write about something funny your kid said, insert a youtube link, tell a joke...
whatever you think might make me laugh until it hurts!

I'll give you about a week...ready....GO!


Kristen Miyasaki said...

One word...EMBARGO!

and ps I think I should get something for being the first person to reply :)

Carie said...

Oh I've got the best post in the world for this...I've just got to 'make' it. Give me until tomorrow night!! Boo yah, I'm gonna win.

Carie said...

PS I just took a poll on Facebook to determine who my FB best friends were #1. :)

Halls Family said...

Hmmm...let me think of a really great story, like when your pants fell down in front of the whole student body or when you accidentally kissed a complete stranger instead of your boyfriend. There are so many stories to tell. Oh, does it have to be a real story? Dang, I'll have to think for a little longer :)

Lauren said...

Okay I am totally going to win this... I have been waiting to see what Carie is going to post so I can out do her but alas I can wait no longer. First here is a link to watch.

and I have another comment coming soon.

Jake and Shell said...

ok, well Cherilyn made me laugh the hardest...does that count?

Alaine said...

When is the deadline? I'm heading out of town until Saturday - I have the perfect picture. Can you wait that long?

Shannon said...

Sure I can wait! But if the picture involves a frightening picture of my childhood, I might be nervous :) Maybe I will decide next Monday!

Laura Lucille said...

This is long, but oh so funny.

It all started at Wal-Mart...

After hearing all about the Wal-Mart fabric lady's lousy ex-husband and her love of snow and her hatred of upper management, I got in line in the self check out line behind a woman and her two little kids. I went to step forward and stopped just short of a huge splat of puke. I was in complete shock due to the fact that I had just escaped stepping in it and the woman continued to finish her transaction while the sick kid lay in the bottom of the buggy and the other kid proceeded to step in his brother's mess as he reached and begged for candy. Before I could process what just happened, she grabbed her bags and walked out of the store! You are probably thinking, "Maybe it wasn't that lady's kid who puked and she didn't notice it". Wrong. A couple in the front self check out said they saw it happen. I told the pimple faced kid working the self check outs who then called for clean up. As I turned around I saw a man walking toward the mess. All I could get out was "Waaai...". Too late. He stepped right in it. Now, if I were that man, I would have come unglued. He just grabbed a plastic sack and wiped it off!! Then I hear the pimple faced kid say, "Oh, my gosh. Oooooohhh, my gosh!" over and over. I guess it was my old Wal-Mart days kicking in (haha), but I took charge and moved a buggy to block the aisle. Then, a grouchy old couple tried to move the buggy to check out. The kid said, "This aisle is closed". The old man replied, "Well, the light is on." People are so annoying! I said, "If you want to step in kid puke, be my guest". That shut them up right quick. I was near vomiting myself, so I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and sanitize the bottom of my shoes in case I did get any remnants on them. As soon as I walk in, what do I see? Used toilet paper on the floor!!! (I won't go into detail here. Far too disgusting). I said, out loud, "That's it!" and walked out of the store.

On my way home I couldn't get the image out of my mind. Then, I almost got hit by an Asian driver who apparently doesn't know American traffic laws, because he doesn't know what STOP means. He put his hands together and nodded his head to apologize. Almost home...not before I was flashed by a girl riding her bike in a skirt. Sorry sister, no matter how hard you try to keep your knees together, it's just against the laws of nature to keep your skirt from flapping up in the wind and showing all of Provo your pink undies.

FYI, I emailed Wal-Mart to express my disappointment in the way the situation was handled and the state of the restrooms. The manager ended up calling me. I told him I would never be returning to that Wal-Mart location, so he offered me a $10 gift card. I took it, but I'm still not going back.

Kristy said...

Don't judge me...but I did an online dating profile last night on e-harmony. But that's not the funny story. I got matched with a guy who wrote this about himself: "In my leisure time I enjoy role-playing with my friends creating a fictional character and playing out the different scenerios that he or she can get into can be very entertaining. I can not resist it when my cats want attention so I will usually take some time out love them up and make them feel appreceated." Oh - and he didn't leave out that one of the most influential people in his life is Superman/Clark Kent - for his ideals and "plus he got a great girl". I'm not joking about any of this. And while pretending you live in a fantasy world is great for's SOOO not me. Now I'm worried what my profile is saying about me if this is who I'm scientifically meant to be with!

Hope I made you laugh even if I don't get the special prize (plus since I live on the other side of the country it might be hard to get me the prize when I do win (oops I meant if - hehe) so I understand if you choose someone else)

PS - I totally thought about you when I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and how much fun we had for the release of the 5th movie. It made me miss that ward A LOT!

PSS - congrats on 100 posts!!

Jackie said...

How about the time D.C.'s brother came to pick her up in the office for her sisters wedding. Moana said, "D. You look so nice in your dress."
To which D replied, "Yeah, and look at this guy, he's all sexed up!"

Or the time H.B. came out of my bathroom and said, as he lifted up his sleeve and flexed his BICEP, "Yeah, everyone! Look at by big breast!"

Or time time H.A. peed in front of half my class in my bathroom during a lockdown drill and thought nothing of it. When I opened the door to check on them, all I could do was stand there an laugh while all these poor female peer-tutors had stood in there watching him pee and didn't say a word.

And then the rest of the day, K.E. (a boy) said, "Mrs. Sarager! He pees standing up. You are supposed to sit down. You are supposed to sit down!"

HAHAHA. I think it's funny.

Paul and Amy Lacey said...

This last weekend up in Logan some of Amy's Mom & Dad's friends knew that space would be limited with all of the visitors in town for Jordan, Vaughn, and Cecelia's missionary sacrament meeting (can't call it a "farewell", you know). So they graciously invited a few of us to stay in their million-dollar (or so) home while they were away for the weekend.

The kids were in complete awe and ran through the house, amazed at the space, the "hidden" passage ways, computerized fridge, etc. But the real kicker came from Aaron after taking a look in the spacious 3-car garage. He ran back in and said, "Mom, you're not going to believe this: they have TWO cars with NO SCRATCHES!"

Blaine & Tessa said...

So this really happened to my friend,Laura but it is funny. She was helping her son say his prayers one night. Now, you have to understand that she is pregnant with her second little boy. So this is the prayer.
Laura: Please bless our little brother.
Blake: Please bless our little brother (in his sweet little voice).
Laura: That he will grow healthy and strong.
Blake: That he will grow healthy and strong, and that he will be a monkey ....

I just thought that was great! He is hilarious and says some funny stuff!

Halls Family said...

Ok, so I have a couple of funny ones...that are real this time. I crack up then feel really bad when I think of our trip to CA. It was the summer after we were married and Kristy was still single. David and I were in Kristy's new car driving at night and we were making out, yes, while we were driving. (Newlyweds! Good thing Allison and Brent are in separate cars on their roadtrip!)From the back seat we hear Kristy anyoingly yell, "HELLO!" (fluctuation in her voice) Dang, we were caught! Then to make matters worse, a little while later I thought Kristy was asleep so I said, "She's just jealous she's not married." Can you believe I actually said that?! I don't remember saying it, but unfortunately Kristy does. Later in that same trip, I cut all of my hair off and sent it to dad in a business envelope that said, "Tip Top Toupee Company". I thought it was a great trick on him, it was made even better when I din't put enough postage on it. Verna ended up paying for it because she figured it was humiliating enough having to order it let alone come in and pay extra postage on the darn thing! To toop off the trip, David wanted to show us the funny trick he could do by pulling his shorts down without unbuttoning them. The front was covered by his shirt, but the back wasn't...revealing his undies. It really wasn't that great of a trick, except that he didn't notice Kristy standing behind him. :)

Amelia said...

How many entries are we allowed to sumbit? I'm always good for a funny online video.

Whichever one you think is the funniest is really my entry. The more you watch them, the funnier they are.

Carie said...

I hope I'm not too late!! I didn't get it done...but here's what i've got. Shannon, you need to go to your gmail and look up the following words:

1 Shannon's stupid story for the day
2 Mark, ideal job
3 We've got spirit
4 I don't think you're dreaming, cuz you're talking and your eye's sorta twitching (I just think this is a funny subject for an email. :))
5 french fries
6 highly entertaining
7 willy wonka
and last, but not least
8 funny commercial.

there were so very many more...but I'm tired and work at 6am.


Carie said...

I lied. I have 2 more things to add:
one of them I had to email you becasue I can't post it...I don't know how to. The other one is this:


I’m very sorry but Sheri Dew is going to be signing autographs in the University Mall Friday afternoon. I bought a t-shirt at Women’s Conference my freshman year in hopes that I’d be able to get her to sign it for me someday. She’s been my hero ever since my first day as a beehive. I think my role model is a better example than some “Andrea Kirlyhair” that plays basketball for a living, so after much searching, pondering, fasting and praying…I’ve decided that President Hinckley would approve of my being selfish and not letting you go see your precious Andrea. Besides, you already have a bunch of Jazz memorabilia – They don’t sell Sheri memorabilia on ebay. I know I’m awesome; you don’t have to tell me. You’re welcome.


#1 Sheri Dew Fan


“Life is filled with moments of joy, but life is also hard.”

-Sheri L. Dew

That's all. :)