Saturday, July 19, 2008


On Friday I got back from 10 amazing days in sunny Seattle! No really, it was sunny the entire time (except for the morning I left!) It was so much fun to spend time with my sister Tammy and her family. I really should have kept a journal while I was there, because now I can't even remember everything we did!

We did stop by the temple so I could see it. They were doing construction on it, but it was still beautiful!
We also went to see the biggest waterfall I've ever seen in person! I had to look up the name again, but it's called Snoqualmie Falls (I discovered that I can't pronounce half the names of places and towns near Seattle) :)
I also got to go on a fun walk with Tammy and her family one night. I can't believe how green it is there! Moss grows on everything (you can see it on these tree trunks), and it even grows on the bottom of slides in the park! :)

The girls and I went to the zoo one day. Our favorite parts were probably the tiger that came really close to us And the baluga whales! Here's a video of Sophie watching the whales swim past over and over again. She LOVED it!!! (later that night I watched this video with her over and over for about 10 minutes!)

Tammy and Steve went and stayed in Seattle one night while I stayed home with the kids. Of course they loved me because I let them play more video games than they are normally allowed (I had to get my Wii playing in sometime!) and I let them cook. We made smoothies and home made pretzels...yummy!

One night I met up with some old friends from one of my BYU wards...Crystal Deighton, Steve Nielson, and Gabe and Alycia Loftus (and their cute baby Preston!) We went out to dinner and chatted about the good ol' days. It was so fun! I totally spaced getting a picture of us all.

We also went into Seattle one day to see the sights, including Pike Place Market (so fun!), the store Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, and fish and chips on the pier from Ivan's. We even stopped by to see the Fremont's this huge carving under a bridge of a troll holding a VW Bug....makes for some great pictures :) (notice Steven's hand up his nose...ha ha!)

Well, there's a ton more that we did, but unfortunately I can't fit 10 days into one blog entry. I put pictures of Tammy's kids below for you to see how big and cute they are!


Steve said...

It was sure fun to have you up in Seattle- thanks for helping us out so much. Sophie misses you!

Tammy said...

Thanks for entertaining us--especially the kids. We missed you on our walk tonight. I thought I'd downloaded all the pictures that were on your camera, but obviously it didn't work. I'll have to get them from you sometime. Thanks again for the fun visit!

Kristy said...

How fun! It looks like you had a great time! You're looking so good. I'm going to call you, Cherilyn and Tammy "My Incredible Shrinking Sisters!" Way to go!

Alycia said...

We had fun seeing you too! Thanks again for inviting us!

Jackie said...

Of course, right AFTER the schedule is done. That's the hard part.

Who is dept. chair? So you are doing PTSA?