Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goodbye, Dr. Duncan!

Last night a couple friends and I threw a surprise goodbye party for our friend Nick, who is heading off to med school in Texas. I think this is the first surprise party I've helped with where the person was actually surprised. It was great. :) Here are a few pics...

Here's the good future-doctor...I went to a party store and got the letters to make the "Dr Duncan" sign...I'm sure it will hang in his office someday :) The banner was made by a bunch of kids at a day care where my friend Shelley works. It was so cute! They wrote things like "You are special" on it, along with several other non-related pictures and words :)

Two of my favorite people...Kaylene and Shelley, waiting for Nick to arrive
My future roommate, the Great Alisha Geary (I do believe her dad was in the bishopric of Paul and Amy's old ward in Logan) (I was all sweaty from salsa dancing before this...I'm sure you wanted to know that)
I think this started out as a cute picture of the three girls in the middle. Then we all jumped on. I have fun friends. :)


Montana Brandts said...

It looks like you have awesome friends, I am jealous! And, I love the new haircut! I didn't know you lived in Utah! We should get together sometime and remo nous about the good old church dance days! And, maybe make fun of Sally a bit! JK! But, it would be fun to get together sometime!