Monday, July 7, 2008

My latest splurge...

Today I was at a party supply store buying some stuff for a party tonight, and I saw one of those Wilton molds for the doll cakes! The last few cakes I've made haven't turned out because I haven't been able to find a bowl that works well enough. So I bought it. :) I'm so excited! Now all I need is a reason to make a princess cake. :) If anyone wants one, let me know :) ha ha!

Here's the last one I made for my friend Jaime's princess-themed birthday party. Did you know that they make Barbies now that don't allow you to take the legs off? That would have been convenient when my brothers used to rip the legs off our dolls, but it's hard to shove the legs into a cake without making the cake fall apart. :)


Jackie said...

This is RAD. I want a princess cake! Can you ship it?

Dirk -- Laura -- Hayden said...

Wow! That's amazing shannon! I totally want one for my birthday :)
Did you have a fun trip to MT last month? I thought about you while driving past Drummond.