Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bedroom Make-over

Well, I was supposed to be in Colorado this weekend with my sister Cherilyn, but due to unfortunate events, I'm still in Provo. :) I actually made it as far as Price, UT when Cherilyn called and said their truck was over-heating. So to make up for saved gas money, I went shopping. :) I did buy a couple much needed shirts and some jewelry, but my favorite find was a SALE in the bedding department...and even better, I FINALLY found something I liked! I've been looking for about a year, and they had exactly what I wanted!

I know it doesn't look all that exciting, but it's really cute. It's a blue-ish/green color. I bought the quilt and two pillows.

When I got home and made my bed, I realized that my mirror looked funny because the wood was too red. So I got crafty (or tried, at least!) I painted the borders a dark brown. Then I bought some cute paper and Mod Podged it on to the mirror. It's not the best job, but it's fun and adds some color to my boring bedroom!I also tried (and failed) to paint my lamp with that crackle paint stuff. It was way too hot outside when I was spray painting, so it dried too I just have an ugly lamp. Oh well, I got it for free!


Laura Lucille said...

Nice decorating skills...I need to come by and see it in person.

Halls Family said...

I wish I would have made a productive weekend out of my ruined trip like you did. Instead I sat around and moped, wishing I were with my cool sister! I hope I get to see you soon....can someone please get married in our family so that we can have an excuse for a reunion?! :)

Cristi said...

I have no idea how you did that mirror but it looks AWESOME! I like the bedding set too, it's really cute!

Jackie said...

You are awesome! I LOVE IT! I love love buying/shopping for bedding. I don't know why, but it makes me happy.

this looks AWESOME!

Kristy said...

Girl, you are so creative! Can you come help me decorate my house?! You are my hero!