Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I'm so happy today

I might be the happiest person in the world this morning.

"Why are you so happy, Shannon?" you ask.

You might be thinking I'm happy because I have a job.
Or because I have a car.

Or because I got to go to the temple last night. And it was amazing.

Or because I managed to make it across the parking lot this morning without slipping on 1" of ice.

Or because ______________________ (insert your own imaginative thought here...or leave a comment. I'm curious to see how creative you can get).

Well, those things do make me happy. 

But to top it all off....

I got my tax return!!!


What am I going to do with it?

Put it toward paying off my car.

In fact, I just might pay off the whole thing.  Wouldn't that be fun??? :)


Joleen said...

I can think of one big, huge fill in the blank. But you already know that I know that you know what it is. Ya know?

Carie said...

You're paying it off already???? Dang girl!! You should manage my finances. :)

I like that you're happy. And I like why you're happy. In fact, it makes me that much happier!

You forgot to add the 3 day weekend reason too. :)

Lauren said...

Shannon, that doesn't sound fun at all! You should go on some trip with that money. Pay it off next year. Go to Europe. That sounds fun.