Thursday, February 24, 2011

The hardest class ever

I love when my students say my class hard.  

It brings joy to my heart.

They all sign up thinking it will be an easy A and a party everyday.

Now don't get me wrong.  We do have a party every single day in here.  When my students come in and ask what we're doing in class (which is a really annoying question to hear multiple times a day, by the way), I tell them we're having a party.  And if a student turns in everything, they will likely get an A.

Today I had a student say my class was the hardest class ever.

What are we doing today?

Cutting out pattern pieces.

Cutting out paper.

Life is rough when you're 14.


Cristi said...

I don't know, I suck at sewing, I think even today that would be the hardest part of my day if I was attempting it! :)

Elder Ken and Sister Cheryl Fugal said...

Shannon, just found your blog. Love your spring break countdown, love the funny student stories(they bring back memories),miss seeing you!