Monday, February 7, 2011

Puzzle Races

We did the funnest thing last night.  Annie's mom sent a few 300 piece Disney puzzles, so we (Annie, Joleen, our friend Blake, and I) decided to have an intense race to see who could complete one the fastest.

We drew straws (or markers) to determine the order of selecting the puzzles.  
  • Annie: Lion King
  • Joleen: Mickey and Minnie with ice cream clouds...or something like that
  • Blake: The Jungle Book
  • Me: 101 Dalmatians...that's a lot of white and black!

The only place big and solid enough was our kitchen floor.

After about 5 minutes, Blake and I knew we stood no chance against Annie and Joleen.  They are master puzzle-putter-together-ers.

So we combined forces and worked on one puzzle together.

And we still lost.


In fact, when Annie and Joleen finished their puzzles, they started the one I abandoned (all I had done was sort the border pieces).  They almost finished that one plus their own in the time it took Blake and I to finish one.
So proud!
Oh, and did I mention that we listened to Disney music while doing this?  So great!

At this point, it was late.  We left them on the floor and enjoyed looking at them as we ate our bowls of cereal this morning.


Katie said...

That is awesome. What a fun idea. You need to practice your puzzle skills Shannon!

Kristy said...

How fun!! I might totally steal this idea :)