Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Knew?" --French Dip Edition

Remember long ago when I said I was going to start sharing random stuff about me once a week?
Well I obviously didn't remember!  Plus school started, and I just don't remember anything when school starts!

So here is your "Who Knew?" for the day...
I love french dip sandwiches!
This looks so good!

I could eat one every single day.
When anyone asks where I want to eat, I often suggest Arby's because I know they have delicious french dip sandwiches.  
Maybe I'll get one on my way home from work today.


Joleen said...

Did you know I've never had a french dip sandwich? Who knew?

Adam and Brittany said...

Speaking of French dip sandwiches I think you got one when I rode with you back from the CTE conference in St. George. What a great memory that is.

Katie said...

I had never had one of those before we had them at your place. I get them all the time now. I LOVE them.

Halls Family said...

My friend made me the BEST french dip sandwiches for our family after my surgery. They are so easy to make and oh so tasty! Here is the recipe:
Buy good sub rolls (We get ours at Safeway)
Roast Beef-whatever is on sale is fine
swiss cheese
Au jus packet
1. Saute onions and mushrooms
2. Follow directions to make Aujus
3. Cut open rolls and butter the insides, broil them until lightly toasted
4. Pile roast beef on buns and top with swiss cheese.
5. Place open faced sandwich back in broiler to melt the cheese.
6. Add desired amount of Onions and mushrooms and top with other side of toasted roll.