Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...a month ago

That is the happy, puffy-eyed face of a girl who just got out of bed on birthday morning! :)

Other than not having power all morning at our house, it was a great day!

It all started off with me being spoiled with presents from my roommates.
And my mom...that hilarious lady called Annie and had her go get one of these for me...

My very own Jacob Black doll!
My wildest wishes have come true!
(Can't you see it on my face?)

Next we went to J-Dawgs in Provo.  My roommates made me wear that awesome headband.  Hey, it got me extra pickles on my dog!
(with Annie and Erin)
Cheryl and Rob know how to handle it

Joleen's sister was in town that weekend.  They blew up an entire bag of balloons!

It was amazing!

We had a fun ward activity that afternoon.

Then we had a party.
26 people came to my 26th birthday party.
How cool is that???
I don't have a picture of everyone, but some of my favorite people in the world were there!
Including (but not limited to)
Joleen (roommate) and Cheryl (former roommate)

and Kristen (former roommate), Amy (didn't want to turn around for the picture), and Carie (BFF)
Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun day!  Especially my amazing roommates!  They know how much I love birthdays, and they didn't let me down at all! :)


Carie said...

One day I'll actually be in your presence for your entire birthday. Mark my words. It will happen. Maybe HP land should be on your birthday next year? :)