Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've been working on a couple of quilts this summer.  One is for a Stake service project.  I don't have a picture of that one yet.  It's cute but simple...6" blocks in yellow, white, and black.  I think I'll just tie it if I ever get around to putting the border on it.
This one was super quick and easy, but I think it's fun!  I'm hoping to get it quilted with the thread that is multi-colored.
This is one that has been in the works for about 2 years.  
I'll be honest...I love it.
When I went to a FACS Summer Conference 2 years ago, I saw a quilt that looked similar to this.  I loved it and wanted it!  Over the next few months, I collected fabric (some from leftover student projects, my own leftovers, and some that I just bought).  
Last summer, I finally started to cut and piece it.  I made the little pinwheel blocks last year.  Then I put it away and forgot about it.  
I was at my friend Heather's the other day, and her amazing and super organized craft room made me want to quilt!  
So I came home and pulled it out again!  I worked on it most of last Friday and finished it Saturday morning.  I also managed to finish a season of Lost in the process :)
Now I just need to take them in and get them quilted.  Then the binding.
What am I doing with these?  Who knows.  I've got a pretty good idea for the first one.  Most say I should keep the second one for myself.  But I don't plan on having a baby anytime soon.  And I told myself that I need to stop keeping everything I make.  I already have a bunch of baby quilts stashed at home from my 4-H days.  Perhaps if I weren't so lazy and made bigger quilts, it wouldn't be so hard to find a use :)


Hanberg's said...

hooray for you! love the pinwheel quilt! you did a great job!

Carie said...

You can quilt it/them at my grandma's house! :) Cheaper, funner (yes, that's a word today), and well...I'd be there probably!


Katie said...

Wow, those are way cute! Good job. I'm impressed by the pinwheels. You're amazing.

Cristi said...

I LOVE that last one, it's absolutely beautiful!

Cristi said...

P.S. you should sell then if you don't want them! Some nice side cash for ya :)

Jackie said...

I LOVE your pinwheels! They are SO FANTASTIC!

Halls Family said...