Friday, July 30, 2010

5 miles

This morning I ran 5 miles with my roommate Annie.  
Some of you may be thinking, "Big deal, Shannon. I can run 26.2 miles."  Well that really is great!
But I don't think I've ever gone that far without really stopping (we won't count our little excursion into the park...we stopped for a second for a drink).  
It felt so great!  
And I probably could have gone further, but we made it to the car, so we figured we would stop. :)  
I'm pretty sure the Harry Potter shirt I was wearing gave me the magical energy.  After all, it is the day before Harry's birthday!


Angell said...

Way to go!!! Five miles IS a long way! You're a rock star! :)

Sally said...

You amaze me! Seriously, the people of Drummond get quite the entertainment when I attempt to run some mornings. Trust me, it is no 5 miles! And it happens to be the day before somebody else's birthday too... :)

Amber Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Shannon!

Mel said...

I already looked up to you a lot Shannon. Well not physically, but characterically, you are pretty great. But now, now I look up to you even more. The other night I dreamed I ran five miles. I woke up exhausted.