Friday, July 23, 2010

I know I haven't posted in a long time, but I've been soooo busy.  
What have I been doing?
  • Watching two seasons of Lost.
  • Pretending to quilt.
  • Sleeping in every morning.
  • Reading books.
Okay, so I haven't really been busy at all.  I have no excuse for why I haven't blogged (other than my internet being out for a week...that was a pretty good excuse in my opinion)
So I've decided to do at least one post a week.  These posts will give you a little fact about Shannon that you may or may not know.  
For example....
I can't fall asleep on my back.
I can try and try, but I will try for 3 hours on my back before I finally give in and roll over to my side.
So there you go.  Don't you feel better that you know that little thing about me?


heather said...

Falling asleep on my back is the only way I can fall asleep. So being pregant sucks because you can't sleep on your back. You block the baby's air way.
But I like this little fact thing you are doing. :)