Saturday, February 28, 2009

Close call...

This morning I went to the temple with Carie. When I went down to my car, I saw that the car next to mine had a shattered window. That is the most sickening feeling! As you may recall, my old car was broken into last May (at the time I wrote a stellar letter to the thief and took pictures). I didn't realize until I got back from the temple that it was my roommate's fiance's car that was broken into. He parks his car in our underground parking while he is at our apartment each night. Last night we got back from picking up a pizza at about 8:30pm. Sometime between then and about 1am when he left, someone had smashed in his window. They opened the trunk and took everything...his laptop, his backpack, and his rollerblades (apparently the police officer got a kick out of that).

This isn't the first break-in of the year. There have been four in the past two weeks. Last year the same streak happened. When we called the management, their response was "Well, don't leave anything in your car that a thief could see." Well now they are just hitting random cars and checking their trunk without knowing if anything is in there! It freaks me out because mine was right next to his! And it's odd because his car isn't all that's kind of old. We're guessing the person picked that one because it doesn't have an alarm?

Anyway, I'm freaked out. Stupid people who have nothing better to do than break into cars and take stuff so they can sell it so they can get drugs!


Kristy said...

What a bummer! I'm so glad your car wasn't broken into, but WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!!! You should just leave a ton of female products in your trunk along with a note to make someone feel guilty! Hopefully this never happens to you though!